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Caution: May bore you to an untimely slow painful death...

Gucch Weasley
27 January
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I don't have much to write, I always freeze when it comes to doing this biography shit. I go to school in hopes to become a grade school teacher...i got a few years left before that happens but hey im 29, what better time to start. OMG KILL ME IM 29!!! ok im 30. whatever.

http://www.livejournal.com/tools/recent_comments.bml thats a nifty link!

I have an 9 year old child that I am more like a sibling to. We fight like we're sisters. Crazy but true. I love her

I have the best friends in the world. I spend a LOT of time with all of them. Some live here, some dont. Some ive never met, some i never go a day without seeing.

I have a thing for bosnian people, obviously anyone that knows me will agree, strongly!

I like to make people laugh. My journal isn't funny, but in real life i think i get a lot of chuckles that come my way. I guess you'll just have to read my stuff and judge me for yourself!

Have fun.... YAYYYYYYYYYY!

Oh and by the way, im now friends only... if you want to be added...just ask.
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